Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family. Many MSU faculty, staff, and students have been touched by adoption. The purpose of this site is to provide some resources, contacts, and information about adoption.

MSU Adoption Alliance:
An informal group of MSU employees who connect to discuss relevant issues related to adoption and to promote the concerns of adoptive parents. Join the Adoption Listserv and you will receive notifications about group meetings,

If you would like to subscribe our MSU Adoption listserv please contact FRC or follow this link to sign up online. You will receive notification once you have been added as well as instructions on how to use the listserv. Use this listserv to ask questions you might have about the adoption process, to share ideas about upcoming workshops, to discuss adoption legislation, or any other topic related to adoption.

MSU Adoption Leave & Benefit Policies:
For Faculty and Academic Staff:
Parental Leave for Faculty & Academic Staff

For Support Staff:
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Leave of absence with pay
Leave of absence without pay

FMLA frequently asked questions:

Adoption, Birth or Legal Guardianship
Benefit Enrollment/Changes

Online Resources:
Adoption Glossary
Adoptive Families
Adoption Friendly Workplace ~ Dave Thomas Foundation
Family by Design~All Things Adoption
Information on Embryonic Adoption
Information on International and Domestic Adoption
Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE)
MSU School of Social Work Post Adoption Support Services (PASS)
Second Parent Adoption – Coalition for Adoption Rights Equality, Inc.