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Outstanding Supervisor Award

Members of the MSU community are invited to nominate a supervisor/administrator who consistently supports the work/life (professional/personal) needs of their employees/staff through positive leadership and managerial practices. If the following characteristics fit a supervisor you work with, please complete a nomination form.  14th Annual 2015 MSU Outstanding Supervisor Award nomination form is now available.  Submission will be accepted via electronic form ONLY!!  Deadline is Tuesday, July 14, 2015 by 5:00pm.
Click here to nominate your supervisor.

MSU is proud to have leaders who have “humanized” their work environments with their sensitivity to individuals. Thanks for making State a great place to work!

Past Recipients
2001 Recipients: John Lewis, Larry Sierra, Linda Sigh, Mark Simmons, Cheryl Whitman, Keith Williams, Eileen Wilson

2002 Recipients: Ken Crowell, Karen McKnight Casey, Larry Hembroff, Maynard Hogberg

2003 Recipients: Dr. Pam Bellamy, Joan Predko, Tim Zeko, Marti Heil, Charles Webb, Jim Cotter

2004 Recipients: Don Donagrandi, Cheryl Sisk, Brenda Parolini, Mona Ellard, Helen Dashney, Dr. Douglas Estry

2005 Recipients: Mary Elaine Webster, Patricia Lowrie, Kelley Bishop, Edmund McGarrell, Richard Sigelko

2006 Recipients: Dr. Estelle McGroarty, Sharon Anderson, Curtis Olson

2007 Recipients: Chris Jenson, Geoff Humphreys, Karen Plaut, Dr. Jamie Sue Willard Smith, Philis Bukovcik, Karen Pearl

2008 Recipients: Dan Bollman, Lynnette Forman, Marie Monroe, Jessica Moy

2009 Recipients: David B. Brower, Chris Hanna, Ann Hoffman, Dr. Dennis Martell, Jane Randolph

2010 Recipients:  Burton Bargerstock, David Gift, Dwight Handspike Eileen Haraminac, Michael Hudson, Renee’ Rivard, Mary Thiel

2011 Recipients:  Amy Blair, Dr. Steve Bolin, Kent Cassella, John L. Thelen

2013 Recipients:  Eunice Hoeve, Dana Infante, Jason Vallance, Pauline VanDyke

2014 Recipients:  Michael Gardner, Shawn Kelly, Judith McMillan, Gary Roloff, Holly Rosen